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We have done projects from Manila to Milford, and from Blanding to Bountiful. We know that clients’ customers, their constituents, want simplicity and accessibility in government and our projects are scoped with that end in mind. We will check all the boxes for professional best practices and client needs.

Op-ed: Utah’s public lands are more complicated than we think

Originally published in the Deseret News, December 22, 2017

Recognizing the unsurpassable beauty of Zion Canyon, civil


It’s Also What’s Beneath the Surface

I was on the road the other day, and drove by a reminder that the things beneath


When to Get a Planning Consultant

One of the most predictable things I experience is the reaction of someone who asks what I do for


Is the “Resource Curse” a Curse?

After finishing my 800th article about the economic impact of the extraction industry in the West, I’ve come to


Five Ways to Ruin Your Roads

Every small town has the same heartache: roads

Roads don’t have a local user fee to pay for themselves like


Supporting a Community’s Cultural Capital

Local government is essentially a business (a monopoly, but still) Like a business, we believe that success in creating