What We Do

We work with some of the greatest people, in the greatest places, that have the greatest challenges. We help communities meet these challenges by doing the right project at the right time for the right reasons. Our goal is to become the most sought-after resource for rural communities in the Intermountain West because of our thought leadership and project outcomes.

Priorities Workshop


These workshops involve in-town data gathering and consulting where all stakeholders attempt to prioritize, resolve conflicts, and map immediate solutions.  A concise action plan is delivered within 2-3 days.

Economic Development Plans

Jobs, jobs, jobs!

A good economic development plan involves a realistic assessment of the local conditions that sets policy direction for economic growth.  It identifies barriers, strategies and projects to improve the local economy.

Local Officials Training

You know what you're doing, but does everyone else on your board?

We provide rural-centric training for local government officials in Utah covering LUDMA, OPMA, and GRAMA (land use law, open meetings, and government records). We also facilitate discussions on management best practices. This training is available at no cost to the community because the Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman has provided funding for this training program from the 1% surcharge on all building permits in the State of Utah. It’s interesting, we promise.

Issue Studies

Let us help you find the signal in the noise.

We can conduct targeted studies on a specific regional issue that has multiple implications for rural areas.

Community Websites

What does your internet presence say about you? Is your site going to break the internet?

We provide branding and design services and a digital product for a basic municipal website.  We promise that it will be better than what you have today.

Community Involvement

Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah…

We conduct outreach, marketing and focus group/meeting facilitation to collect data, understand opinions, or educate the public.

Pre-Disaster Mitigation Planning (PDM)

They shouldn’t be art for your bookshelf.

FEMA requires local jurisdictions to review and revise their local multi-hazard mitigation plan every five years to reflect changes in development, progress in local hazard mitigation efforts, and changes in mitigation priorities. These plans are critically important because they help your community remain eligible for disaster-related mitigation grants.

Community Wildfire Preparedness Plans (CWPP)

Big fires happen. Don’t be the one that has to pay for them.

The State Legislature recently passed bills intended to lower the financial risk to communities that take steps to prepare for major wildfire events. Our plans cost about as much as one air drop of fire retardant.

Code Development & Codification

Consistency is such a good thing.

We provide an objective analysis of your existing plans and development ordinances for consistency, legal compliance, development potential, and applicant experience. Once we see where the community is at, we update and simplify their code with “plain language” and illustrations. We can also convert ordinances into a (searchable) code.

Community Planning

If you aren't using your plan, you need a new one.

Your general plan is a legally required, foundational document that outlines the long-term goals of a community. It forms the legal basis for any kind of policy, action, or capital investment, especially all infrastructure improvements. There’s an art and a science to building a good one – we know how to do both.

Capital Facilities Planning

Your infrastructure investments have a long-term impact.

Capital facilities plans are an important element of any comprehensive plan and economic development effort.  We help you understand your capacity and demand.

Impact Fee Studies

Because new development should pay its own way.

Communities can assess “impact fees” on new development so that they can provide new or expanded public capital facilities required to serve that development.  Impact fees are important tools, but are difficult to create fairly.

Mapping & GIS

Maps are cool. Everyone loves maps.

We provide a full range of mapping services – from a simple area map to geospatial analysis.  We can also help bring existing maps online because we believe that residents and business owners shouldn’t have to drive to city hall to learn about their neighborhood.

Resource Management Planning

Bridging the gap between local and federal.

An RMP is essentially an analysis of existing natural resources, their desired future condition, and strategies for implementation.  We help by synthesizing and organizing large amounts of information into actionable reports.