Afton Town Land Use Code Update

Located in western Wyoming, Afton Town is home to the largest Elk Antler Arch in the world. The town is experiencing an increase in population while also being the hub for economic activity and tourism within Lincoln County and the Star Valley as a whole. Rural Community Consultants was asked to help update the Town’s Land Use Code with a focus on best practices in order to meet the unique needs of a growing community that has not had a major update in over a decade. Working with local officials, an emphasis was placed on maximizing economic opportunity as well as improving residential zoning practices while keeping with the rural atmosphere of the community. Along with the land use code update, RCC is also currently updating the town’s master plan from its original 2008 adoption. This effort focused on creating and reviewing goals, vision statements, and making the necessary changes to meet the 2021 vision of the community and where they want to be during the next decade.