Brian Head Sustainable Tourism + Recreation Master Plan

The Brian Head area is experiencing rapid increases in visitation and tourism which may not be sustainable in terms of quality of the visitor experience and adequacy of facilities. Rural Community Consultants was retained to identify and describe the recreational opportunities and amenities in the three-county area near Brian Head Town in order to support the development of these recreational opportunities in a strategic and sustainable way. This plan will be used for land use decisions as well as public and private investment decisions. It will serve as a guiding document for intergovernmental cooperation including grant applications and partnerships in order to provide for the best recreational and tourism experiences possible.

“Brian Head is known as a popular winter resort destination, and its economic impact on the region is on the rise. We wanted to think strategically about how we could align our different year-round recreation opportunities and infrastructure in order to be deliberate about our future. Rural Community Consultants were able to help us coordinate the different agendas of federal, state, and county land management stakeholders into an actionable strategy that will help us make decisions as we rebuild through our fire event and beyond.”

– Bret Howser, Town Manager