Daggett County General Plan Update

Daggett County is sparsely populated relative to other counties, and most of the land (nearly 90%) is owned and managed by a variety of federal and state agencies. Nearly 90% of the private land is managed for agricultural purposes, which gives little room for development of additional facets of their economy. Daggett County officials have recognized the great impact decisions made by state and federal land managers have on the people and economy of the county. They have chosen to try and work more pro-actively to be engaged in the land management processes that have such an impact on the county and its residents and visitors.

Rural Community Consultants was asked to update the County’s general plan with a legal framework that allows and encourages Daggett County to become involved in land management processes. Special emphasis was placed on the socio-economic factors that have made Daggett County what it is and can allow it to grow and prosper.