Emery County – PreDisaster Mitigation Plan

Emery County wanted to conduct hazard mitigation planning in a way that ensured that when an affected community is ready to undertake an organized process and does not miss opportunities to rebuild in a sustainable, resilient way. One of the primary goals of their plan update initiative was to help jurisdictions reduce or remove the effects of disasters. The work required to do this involved a significant amount of data analysis and coordination between numerous state agencies, every municipality that lies within the County, and many special service districts. In order for the plan to gain this support, the project was managed carefully, information will need to be communicated clearly, and time will need to be reserved for revisions and for the various local adoption processes.  The County had a strategic imperative to have its existing plan updated and approved prior to its current plan’s expiration.  Emery partnered with Rural Community Consultants in part because of work that RCC had done there previously.