Ephraim General Plan

Ephraim City is currently facing the projected growth of several industries within the region that will directly affect the City for years to come. Home to Snow College one of the fastest-growing institutions of higher education in the state, Ephraim City faced development growth needed for housing expected with increased students. Not only did the college bring in new growth, but growing industries such as those in the agriculture business in nearby communities. The last general plan updated was in 2004 with a much smaller population and less demand for economic and land use strategic planning. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, a variety of platforms were used to gather stakeholder input including online meetings with stakeholders, staff, planning commission and city council in order to obtain information needed to represent the collective desire of the community. Rural Community Consultants was able to facilitate the diverse interest of major industries within the community to help implement a strategy to meet the socioeconomic needs of a growing and diverse community.