Grand County General Plan / Resource Management Plan

Public lands play an essential role in Grand County’s economy, reputation, and cultural heritage. Although Grand County has a full-time population of around 10,000, it hosts more than three million visitors from around the world each year. Tourism and recreation are the primary economic drivers, accounting for roughly 70% of all employment. Mining and minerals extraction has had a continuous presence in Grand County since the 1920s. In recent years, the construction of a new regional hospital, several community buildings, and fiber optic telecommunications infrastructure has fueled growth in the professional and technical services industries. With the promise of a four-year university campus (USU Moab) coming online in the near future, Grand County is poised to continue diversifying its economic profile.

The Rural Community Consultants was retained by Grand County to conduct an update of their existing general plan that would also include the significantly expanded scope required by recent changes in Utah law. The County’s outdoor recreation amenities have long attracted an engaged population with strong opinions about the environment. The public interaction expectations required complete transparency and multiple opportunities for public comment. This was accomplished with ‘listening stations’ and a careful record of comments and changes.