Rocky Ridge Town General Plan

Rocky Ridge Town is in a unique position because of its location and large amount of land (with room to grow). Those seeking to work along the Wasatch Front but are looking for neighborhoods in a rural community could see Rocky Ridge as an ideal location. With the expansion and ability to provide services within the city and addition of jobs primarily in manufacturing and construction services as well as the average household size projected to increase to 8.59 people by 2025 according to state projections, the growth and need for services are coming from inside those already in the community as well. The town is placing emphasis on providing controlled growth, especially considering that commercial and industrial uses are expected to increase, while residents desire to maintain agricultural land.

Challenges facing the future of the community are similar to those faced in growing rural communities and some that are unique to Rocky Ridge. These challenges include but are not limited to: 

  • Water supply.
  • Affordable housing.
  • Internal growth and development while maintaining agricultural lands.
  • External growth primarily from the north impacting open space and agricultural opportunities. 
  • Financial resources to assist in developing with current and projected growth rate.

Due to the social sensitivities in the community, efforts to engage residents required non-traditional approaches. In addition to public workshops and meetings, the consulting team participated in a community celebration and recruited a local youth group to help conduct a door-to-door survey.