Sevier County Ordinances

Sevier County needed a complete overhaul of its existing code to meet current state statutes as well as be better used by staff and the community in the most efficient matter possible while also meeting county goals and standards. The majority of the code had not been updated since the mid 1990’s, and county staff had grown frustrated with the code’s inability to adapt to modern problems and how the county wanted to implement strategic solutions. During a short six month process a complete revision was turned over to the county that included:

  • A more efficient way for the county and developers to review the subdivision process.
  • Created new commercial and industrial zones as well as doing away with zones that were no longer needed.
  • A complete update on the business license title to meet state code and the costs of business for the county.
  • Creating a survey standard and title to be used for future development and an updated FEMA standard.
  • Developed a new format for hosting the entire code that is searchable, easy to read and included the capability for staff to alter as needed in the future.

Because the initiative had an expected timeline of longer than a year, Rural Community Consultants carefully designed the public interaction strategy to maintain the public’s engagement. This effort centered on a custom website that included weekly open / online public meetings and records of changes.