Tropic Town General Plan Update

Tropic Town has faced more development pressure than it has in decades. The growth in interest in Bryce Canyon is a primary driver in this change, but the community also faces infrastructure and demographic pressures. In 2016, a “community assessment” was developed with a special focus on zoning and inputs for a general plan revision. The purpose of that document was to create a “snapshot” of Tropic’s current condition and recommend actions that the town can take to improve conditions. Since that time, they have seen interest in development increase, and they wanted to make sure that we codify our vision and goals.

Their previous general plan was adopted in 1996, and the zoning ordinance had its last comprehensive revision in 2004. A great deal had changed since then, and they needed to update both for internal consistency as well as alignment with state statute. The community also organized volunteer groups to gather more current information from business owners and residents.