Uintah County Fire Preparedness Plan (CWPP)

Catastrophic wildfires in the Intermountain West are growing in impact and cost. Recognizing this, the Utah Legislature recently passed bills that intend to lower the financial risk to communities that take steps to prepare.

The Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands (FFSL) has developed wildfire risk-related data models that support local decision making, but the conversion of that information into actionable steps across the region requires a facilitator that understands land use development and can bring everyone together.

Rural Community Consultants was asked to help develop these plans.  We followed a three-step process that includes data gathering, public input, and plan adoption. Our process reflected our commitment to make this plan a success for all stakeholders because we realized that communicating and listening are essential to creating an effective fire strategy.

“Rural Community Consultants was asked to help our Fire District develop wildfire preparedness plans (CWPP). Their team started with a template that was provided by the state, but ended with something that had a broader appeal. Our Board and member communities appreciated their efforts to reach-out to the public and to work with us to develop actionable and implementable solutions.” – Jeremy Raymond, Director