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We have done projects from Manila to Milford, and from Blanding to Bountiful. We know that clients’ customers, their constituents, want simplicity and accessibility in government and our projects are scoped with that end in mind. We will check all the boxes for professional best practices and client needs.

Box Elder City, South Dakota – Comprehensive Plan + Code Update

Rural Community Consultants had the opportunity to make their first venture into South Dakota by assisting in updating Box


Brian Head Town – Annexation Policy

The Brian Head Town Council was concerned about potential annexation issues and believes the current policies are not effective


Grand County HR Study and Building Assessment

Grand County asked the Rural Community Consultants to create a staffing analysis This project was to design and designate


Cedar City General Plan

Rural Community Consultants was asked to partner with the City to update the general plan for Cedar


Dutch John General Plan

Dutch John is a small incorporated community located in eastern Daggett County, Utah The community was developed


Sanpete County Ordinance Update

Sanpete County is quickly becoming a rural area with an increased demand to develop in the unincorporated


Hildale City General Plan

Hildale City is in one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation, and near desirable destinations such


Mona City Code Update + Impact Fee Study

Mona City is located at the heart of one of Utah’s future growth areas Their population doubled


Ephraim General Plan

Ephraim City is currently facing the projected growth of several industries within the region that will directly affect the