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We have done projects from Manila to Milford, and from Blanding to Bountiful. We know that clients’ customers, their constituents, want simplicity and accessibility in government and our projects are scoped with that end in mind. We will check all the boxes for professional best practices and client needs.

Centerfield – General Plan Update

Like many small cities, Centerfield was limited on time and resources The city’s new administration asked Rural Community Consultants


Juab County – General Plan Update

Juab County is a rural county on the southern end of the Wasatch Front in Utah The


Rich County – General Plan

Rich County reached out to the Rural Community Consultants to assist in creating county unity through a general plan


Davis County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan (PDM)

A Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan (PDM) is intended to promote sound public policy and protect or reduce the


Brian Head Sustainable Tourism + Recreation Master Plan

The Brian Head area is experiencing rapid increases in visitation and tourism which may not be sustainable in terms


Davis County General Plan Update

Davis County has one of the smallest land masses of all counties, but is home to the third-highest population


Grand County General Plan / Resource Management Plan

Public lands play an essential role in Grand County’s economy, reputation, and cultural heritage Although Grand County has a


Carbon County Resource Management Plan

Using the data gathered by our team for SEUALG’s work in county resource management planning, Rural Community Consultants were


Uintah County General Plan / Resource Management Plan

Almost 70% of Uintah County is administered by the Federal or State Government; or in other words, the majority