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We have done projects from Manila to Milford, and from Blanding to Bountiful. We know that clients’ customers, their constituents, want simplicity and accessibility in government and our projects are scoped with that end in mind. We will check all the boxes for professional best practices and client needs.

Utah County General Plan / Resource Management Plan

Utah County recognizes that relatively little economic impact comes directly from natural resources on federal public lands, however, issues


Daggett County General Plan Update

Daggett County is sparsely populated relative to other counties, and most of the land (nearly 90%) is owned and


Sevier County General Plan Update / Resource Management Plan

Planning for the future of Sevier County is essential to creating a shared vision, maintaining rural character, and protecting


SEUALG Environmental Data Collection + Management

This work involved close and regular coordination with the South-Eastern Utah Association of Local Governments (SEUALG) We analyzed dozens


Kanab City Moderate Income Housing Inventory & Analysis

State statute requires all counties and municipalities to develop a plan for moderate income housing, and to update it